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2023 Planning

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Jo’El Lapp

Hello everyone, this is not the first time creating content, but this is the first time coming up with an actual strategy. I am using the methodology system and I have lots of great ideas, but I am having a hard time coming up with an actual schedule. For example, if I pick my suppliers. Say Ama, Riviera and scenic. I chose 3 destinations and 3 topics for each destination. How much content should I publish on those topics? I could easily have six weeks worth of Content. How much is too much? Are you mixing it all up? We are going on a seminar on the ship with Ama in October. I will obviously have Content while I am sailing. Would you pad a couple weeks before and a couple weeks after with river cruise and destination content.

I know I am probably overthinking, but I have done the…

Are we having a power session today

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Can someone share how to access the overwhelmed course

Lisa Bercze

My host agency has decided to start sending weekly sequential emails to clients based on their travel type which is listed in the CRM we use.. This will be done on a weekly time schedule. I think this is great and I'm so glad they're doing this Now I'm wondering what would I send my clients in my emails so as not to oversaturate them. Suggestions?


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