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Does anyone have a group leader agreement or group participant agreement to share? Or where I can go to find one? I'm having more and more group participants that are complete a-holes. I want them to sign something when they sign up basically saying I'm going to act like a sane human being or I'm going to have to book on my own.

Natasha Grant
Natasha Grant
Jan 23, 2023

For Group Leader Agreement & Group Travel Participant Agreement , you can have your Travel Lawyer draw up the necessary legal docs or clauses for your clients to sign based on your travel agency needs to cover your butt.

Travel Lawyer’s to seek out: Thomas Carpenter, Laurence Gore or The Ment Law Group

In addition, you can check out Travel Industry Solutions for some legal docs, as well … they also have a group leader agreement.

I hope this helps!!!


I just finalized a group cruise of 20. First group! I'min the early stages of planning a group trip to St. Lucia.

Sharon C
Vernita Patterson
Kimberly Roberts
LaVern Perscell
Unknown member
Jan 24, 2023



I just launched a group cruise to Alaska to go with my graduation cruise on princess. I'm new and thought what the heck.... you gotta start somewhere!!!

What are YOUR trips?

Vernita Patterson
LaVern Perscell

I am so looking forward to this! I have two groups I am working on. My firsts! Happy to be here!

Mia McDonald
Aug 04, 2022

Congratulations I am working on 2 groups.



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