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Planning Fees

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Hi. I'm a very new travel agent. Just got certified in Dec 2022 and have been slowly developing my business and setting up systems in place and also working with a lawyer on my terms and conditions. I'm also working on my website. I have had zero clients as of today. I know they will come. I'm the meantime, I have several questions:

  1. what is magnet lead (I see people talking about it)

  2. I want to charge planning fees and cancellation fees. What are other fees i could charge? Are cancellation fees a thing?

  3. What is a list of task descriptions that I could use when explaining why I charge a planning fee? I know what I'll be doing in general, but I have no clue as to how to explain it in bullet points for my website and brochures. How do I explain my value?. Please help!

  4. Can I charge or do you recommend I charge different pricing for cruises Vs trips for example? I was thinking $50 for cruises (since it's so easy to book directly with the cruise line as DIY) and $175 for planning a trip.

Thank you



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