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If you’ve ever started a business or know someone who has you know that it can become very overwhelming if you’re looking at everything from your logo design, to taxes, website, to newsletters, business insurance to scheduling. The key is to know what you have to do and in what order you have to do it from experts who’ve been there. 

Our online courses were tailor-made for the travel industry by industry experts and have been taken by thousands of travel agents to improve their traffic flow and sales. Not sure which one to take first? Email us and tell us about your business and goals and we'll identify which ones should be your priority. 

Our Signature Course

Travel Marketing Revolution


If your commission checks don't add up to a number that makes you smile, you are leaving money on the table. Your money!

This 12 module course is a no brainer for anyone who wants new clients on a continuous basis. Each month the content, training, coaching, tools, and templates are all about getting new clients and keeping them. What we teach you each month can be implemented into any travel business big or small, new or old.


If you can set aside 2-3 hours per month to learn and implement these high converting strategies into your business, you will get and keep more clients.

The course opens only 3 times per year in April, August and November.


Video & Live Streaming for Travel Entrepreneurs

For a potential new client to pay you money, they need to know, like and trust you. Building the "KLT" (know, like and trust) factor with a stranger can take time and requires strategy.

The fastest way to build KLT is through video. When your audience can see your face, hear your voice, and read your body language, your sales will close faster.

In this course, we'll teach you the three different types of video your travel brand/business needs, how to create them (lighting, sound, equipment, scripting and more), how to film videos yourself with 3 simple items (from your phone), how to set up in your home, and how to get your video seen by as many people as possible.

BONUS: This course is taught multi-award winning producer, director, and host, Anthony McLemore. You'll be learning from a TV, news and documentary veteran and genius storyteller. Travel Industry Expert, Sandra McLemore co-created the course to ensure it's perfectly relevant for your travel business.

List Building for Travel Entrepreneurs

To run a successful travel business you must have a steady stream of new prospective clients coming in regularly. As you'll learn in Travel Marketing Revolution, this is the top three levels of your 4 level marketing funnel.

Inside of this course, you'll learn…

  • how to collect and manage your business email addresses

  • what a lead magnet is, why you need one and how to create the perfect one that is sure to help you grow your email list

  • why you need a marketing funnel and how to map it out

  • how to work your email list, education, support, sales

  • Smart ways grow your email list

  • Tips on how to set up your email sequences

  • How to select and use events/expos to grow your email list


Joint Venture & Group Marketing for Travel Entrepeneurs

There has never been a better time to niche in group travel. There are so many benefits to booking groups of travelers and many travel business owners are really 

In this course, you'll learn...

  • how to change the focus of your business to serve groups

  • how to successfully find and select group leaders that will fill your group numbers

  • how to approach potential group leaders

  • how to leverage the group travelers to ensure they book with you in the future

  • how to set up your social media and website so that you attract and manage groups with ease


Social Media for Travel Entrepeneurs

Social media can be a powerful tool to help leverage your income and impact, but using it for your personal life and your business require very different strategies. 


In this course, you’ll learn how to…

  • Identify which social media platforms are best to use for your business and how to find new clients using social media 

  • establish yourself as an expert when you’re just starting out 

  • create the perfect social media post

  • schedule a whole month of posts in less than an hour

  • convert social follows into hot leads

  • How to set up an Instagram & Facebook account for your business


Facebook Ads for Travel Entrepreneurs

As you start to learn about how critical it is to have an operational marketing funnel for your business, you'll soon realize the importance of opening the top of your funnel with strong traffic drivers, Facebook Ads is a popular strategy.


In this course, you’ll learn how to…


  • What information Facebook collects from its users and how to find your audience through their behaviors and demographics.

  • How to set up your first Facebook Ad campaign

  • How to set goals for your first Facebook Ad campaign

  • How to measure and analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and make changes as needed.

This course has been co-created by a Facebook Ads Expert who runs her entire business coaching and teaching Facebook Ads, together with Sandra McLemore, the travel industry expert. This means that you are learning Facebook Ads specifically for the travel industry that you are building your business in.

Each of our core courses includes several interactive videos with simple implementation success worksheets (when needed) designed to help you move the needle forward in your business. 
Not sure where to start? 
We recommend starting at the top. Whether you're just starting your travel business, looking to scale or you're ready to skyrocket it's best to have a rock-solid business plan in place first and an email list to sell travel to. 
New courses open every other month.



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