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4 Reasons Your Website Visitors May Not Be Signing Up For Email Alerts

Your website serves as an ongoing way to advertise your travel planning services. While web traffic and site visits are important, one important way to build your client base is by soliciting email subscriptions from your website visitors. If you’ve already set up a contact form but aren’t seeing much action when it comes to signups, you may be making one of the following easily correctable errors. Discover four reasons why your website visitors are not signing up for email alerts.

4 Reasons Your Website Visitors May Not Be Signing Up For Email Alerts

1. Your website visitors don’t know they can sign up for emails

You may attract tons of visitors to your website, but they won’t know that signing up for email alerts is even an option if you don’t make it apparent. Don’t hide your email signup section on a single page within your website. Instead, make sure it’s possible for visitors to access the email signup option from any page on your site. This way, it is more likely to be seen and used.

2. Signing up is a hassle

Don’t make your website visitors jump through hoops. The best way to encourage people to join your email subscription list is to make it easy and convenient.

Instead of requiring website visitors to navigate links and find contact information on different pages, it’s a good idea to embed a contact form right into the page. You can even use tools like Google Analytics to determine which pages receive the most traffic and prioritize embedding sign up links accordingly.

3. They don’t know why it’s worth their time

One essential way to inspire people to sign up for your mailing list is by letting them know why subscribing to email updates is worth their time. If you’re providing helpful insight and suggestions that they can’t find elsewhere, let your website visitors know.

Inform site visitors that emails may include a range of important topics, from destination details to travel experience reports to the service you can offer. Show them the value that comes with being an email subscriber by offering incentives such as travel prizes or insider tips.

4. They are reluctant to share their personal information

In the current climate of data breaches and digital security mishaps, it’s understandable that some people may be hesitant to provide their personal information online. One way to curb this reluctance is by ensuring that your privacy policy is clearly visible on your website.

Assure your potential clients that their information will not be shared with third-party businesses and that you only keep their information for the express purpose of sending them valuable emails.

An email subscription database is a great way to build a list of potential clients. If you’re seeing website traffic but not receiving email signups, then it may simply be a matter of making the subscription process easier and more visible. Incorporate these four suggestions into your website plan to increase signups and show potential clients the value you can bring to their inbox.

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