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Best Practices for Creating Your First Landing Page

Updated: May 24

If you’re a regular reader of my travel marketing articles, you’re already familiar with landing pages. And if you take away only one thing from reading this article today, let it be how important a landing page can be for your travel business.

Landing pages can contain vital information about the types of travel opportunities you offer but aren’t necessarily full of the information you may find on a normal website menu.

But no matter how you choose to use your landing pages, you can’t learn and grow your business until you design your very first one. And in order to make sure that your first landing page is just right, there are a variety of best practices that need to be just right. These mainly include working on your call-to-action but can also require you to focus on both your goals and your audience.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of landing page creation.

Best Practices for Creating Your First Landing Page

Best practices for landing page call-to-action

When it comes to perfecting your landing page, what sets an average one from one that genuinely increases conversion rates and getting more leads into the marketing funnel is the call-to-action.

You may already know that the call to action is the place where this conversion finally begins. However, it can take more than just perfecting the color and copy of your CTA to draw these leads in.

Below are three best practices that you’ll want to keep in mind when creating your first landing page:

1. Focus on your goal

When trying to determine what the purpose of your landing page, or even more specifically your call-to-action, make sure that you stick to only one goal per page. If you offer too many options to choose from, you can easily confuse your audience, which in turn can prevent them from choosing to make a conversion.

There is no way to successfully cater to each possible lead’s needs or desires on a single landing page. But instead of diverting your attention away from these additional calls-to-action, simply develop separate landing pages for them. If you want to keep your options open, you can also try different variants of the same call-to-action to see which ones test better with A/B testing.

2. Know what your audience is motivated by

During the landing page creation process, there is one major question you should be asking yourself, “If in the shoes of your target audience, would you feel compelled to click through your call-to-action?”

Failure to address this question could prevent you from finding solutions that could improve your CTA and landing page for the better. As much as you may think that these landing pages are for your business, they’re really for your audience and thus should focus on trying to understand their motivations better and look to find solutions to their problems.

3. Make your call-to-action easy to find and understand

With your call-to-action as perfect as it can be, there’s no way your audience can find it if you don’t allow it to be front and center within your landing page. Conversion rates can take on some severe damage if you have your CTA buried where no one can find it because they have to keep scrolling until they lose interest.

The same can also be said if your overall CTA button design blends too well into your landing page design. Most people that visit your landing page will skim the content to find exactly what they’re looking for and will do so in just a few seconds. You want your call-to-action to stand out and be somewhere relatively high up on your landing page, so the need to scroll for it isn’t necessary.

Simple and creative landing page call-to-action examples

Before diving into creating your call-to-actions, I thought it might be necessary to provide a few examples that have proven success. These examples are both actionable and impactful enough to force your audience to follow-through with the conversion.

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Now that you know what it takes to perfect the perfect landing page that will both entice your audience and create conversions, what are you waiting for? Start your first landing page today!

Be sure to post any questions you might have below, and we'll get right back to you! And if you like this article, give us some love by clicking on the . We also encourage you to join our Facebook group for travel entrepreneurs, where we provide more great content.

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