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Can You Get Away With Not Creating Content for Your Audience

Content creation is a critical component of any successful marketing strategy. From maintaining evergreen web page copy to producing new pieces of content through blogs and articles, here are ten ways that insightful, relevant, up-to-date content can help build your travel brand.

1. Build Your Credibility

Providing reliable content is an important way to build trust with clients. Rather than simply showcasing your products or services, helpful content can demonstrate both your wisdom in the field and your desire to assist others.

2. Show Off Your Expertise

One effective way to show off your expertise is with a steady stream of relevant, insightful content. Fresh, informed content shows that you’re up-to-date on the latest travel industry trends and frames you as an expert in your field.

3. Accumulate A Wealth of Content

It may not seem like much when you are just getting started, but over time, the content you create accumulates, leaving you with a wide range of material. This content collection can be very valuable when it comes to establishing and defining your travel brand.

4. Helps With Search Engine Optimization

When you incorporate the best SEO strategies into your content plan, great things can happen. From adding keywords to your blogs and articles to beefing up your headers and titles, optimized content can better direct potential clients from search engine queries to your website.

5. Draws In New Site Visitors

Content that is compelling and offers helpful information can attract new viewers and lead to more site visits. If you can capture the customer’s attention with an engaging piece of data, then they’ll be likely to follow up on your website and look around for more.

6. An Important Component of Marketing Strategy

Content creation goes hand-in-hand with your marketing strategy and should be seen as a supplemental component. Content helps show off your travel brand to a wider audience and can serve as a means of spreading awareness within the market.

7. Differentiates Your Travel Brand

As your travel brand expands to a broader base of clients, your content can show what sets you apart from others in the industry. Content that reflects your personal vision will help establish your travel brand as special and relatable.

8. Expands Customer Reach

Clients are attracted by other clients. When your clients like the content they see, they share it with their friends, coworkers, and probably their entire social network. Fresh content helps your travel brand message to expand over time.

9. Increases Organic Leads

A wealth of content will attract more inbound leads. These organic leads find you through your content, which means they were already interested in your field in some capacity when they discovered your website. These types of web page visitors are considered warm leads who are more likely to become clients.

10. Increases Web Traffic / Page Views

Content that captures the attention of others and provides something of value to the reader can bring more visitors to your website. Once there, engaging content can keep them interested while rewarding them for considering your travel brand.

Though some travel businesses may choose to forego investing in an in-depth content strategy, it is clear that content creation is a vital component of any great marketing plan. Not only can posting high-quality content increase your website traffic and bring in more leads, but it can also help define you as a travel industry expert who is established and credible.

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Sandra McLemore is a digital marketing & business growth expert who got her start in the travel business over 20 years ago as a retail travel agent for STA Travel in a busy campus store front. She then worked her way into VP level in marketing, media and PR roles for the world's biggest cruise lines and travel brands.


Sandra is now the owner of TRAVEL MARKETING & MEDIA (formerly Village Girl Marketing), a marketing agency for travel brands specializing in content creation, design and media.




Each service and program helps travel agents to get a consistent flow of new clients through smart marketing strategies.


Over 12,000 travel agents have taken Sandra's online training, and signed up for her digital marketing solutions.

Sandra lives in Los Angeles and hosts a number of travel programs on cruise line and airline TV and can be seen on network news programs as a leading travel industry expert.  Heading off to the best travel trade conferences? You'll most likely catch her on stage there too!

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