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You can't plan incredible vacations if you have no clients

Updated: May 24

In fact, you can't run a profitable business if you have no clients. If you're not sure what exactly you need to do, take the quiz and then continue reading below.

What's holding you back in your travel quiz and what should you do next? Take the quiz and receive an immediate diagnosis for your business as well as a free action plan on what you need to do next and a list of tools to get you there.

So what is the ONLY proven way to grow a business that is wildly profitable and consistent?

All you need is a marketing funnel. Develop it, activate it and tweak it until it starts converting.

Marketing funnel for travel agencies

What is a marketing funnel?

Simply put, it's a frame work full of tactics that will turn strangers into paying customers.

How do you setup a marketing funnel for your travel business?

The good news is that it's not hard. Here's what we suggest:

1. Read about marketing funnels so that you feel confident understanding the different levels. We have some info below to get you started and each Sunday we send out a 2 minute read to help you grow your knowledge and skills..

2. Do a giant brain dump of ideas. What tactics can you implement for each level of the funnel. It's critical that each level has a plan of activity.

3. Start creating lists of action items to setup each level. The TOP and MIDDLE of your funnel is the most important, starting with the TOP.

4. Pull together a team of part time experts that can help you 1-3 hours a week each. Choose them based on their high level of skill for the tasks that you need doing. Always hire people who are better than you.

Where can you get more help?

We strongly recommend joining Travel Marketing Revolution, our online course that walks you through setting up a marketing funnel and also guides you through all of the tactics that you need to implement for each level of the funnel. We provide you with video lessons, templates, tutorials and strategic advice. You can also partner up with other course participants to work through the modules together. There are only 3 enrollment windows per year and you can sign up to get notified of the next window by joining the waitlist.


Where you drive traffic to your business and collect their email address. You need a strong lead magnet and then you need to promote it. When your audience accesses your lead magnet they will be added to your email list on your email marketing platform.


This is where your audience will stay until they are ready to book. It is the best place to show off your expertise and stay on their radar. You need to send them fresh weekly content (no excuses). It can be a podcast episode, an article or a video. The content must align with your sales goals. Don't lead with pricing, just destinations and experiences. Your audience might be here for a week or for a year but by sending them weekly content they will think of you first when it's time to book.


This is where your audience becomes a paying client. It happens when they are ready to buy and if you did a great job in the top and middle of your funnel, closing the sale is super easy! When you have an incredible offer/opportunity you can send it to your audience as long as they have been receiving your weekly content for at least 6 weeks.

So if you're not quite sure where to start, take the quiz to get an accurate diagnosis of where you are stuck and how to get un-stuck, and right after that, sign up to get notified of the next open enrollment for Travel Marketing Revolution.

Be sure to post any questions you might have below, and we'll get right back to you! And if you like this article, give us some love by clicking on the . We also encourage you to join our Facebook group for travel entrepreneurs, where we provide more great content

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Looking for some answers for your travel business? If you're feeling overwhelmed, stuck in a rut or just not sure what you're meant to be doing to grow that baby business check out our quiz-page.


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Sandra McLemore is a digital marketing & business growth expert who got her start in the travel business over 20 years ago as a retail travel agent for STA Travel in a busy campus store front. She then worked her way into VP level in marketing, media and PR roles for the world's biggest cruise lines and travel brands.


Sandra is now the owner of TRAVEL MARKETING & MEDIA (formerly Village Girl Marketing), a marketing agency for travel brands specializing in content creation, design and media.




Each service and program helps travel agents to get a consistent flow of new clients through smart marketing strategies.


Over 12,000 travel agents have taken Sandra's online training, and signed up for her digital marketing solutions.

Sandra lives in Los Angeles and hosts a number of travel programs on cruise line and airline TV and can be seen on network news programs as a leading travel industry expert.  Heading off to the best travel trade conferences? You'll most likely catch her on stage there too!

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