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Choosing The Right Font for Email Marketing

Updated: Jun 7

If you’re looking to attract the attention of new and would-be clients to your agency or travel business, your best bet is also the cost-effective option: email marketing. Email marketing is an easy way to attract interest leads into making a sale utilizing nurturing sequences made up of emails directed at your clients and their needs.

But even the most well-thought-out email marketing campaign can go awry if the nuances aren’t quite right. One such nuance is the font of your emails. Sure, font types might not seem like a big deal, but failure to use the right fonts can sometimes come off as unprofessional or too playful.

To help steer you in the right direction, here are six fonts that are perfect for email marketing.

Choosing The Right Font for Email Marketing

Six Fonts to Use in Email Marketing

Times New Roman - This is the most widely used serif typeface in the world. Because of its popularity and easy recognition, it can result in natural reactions from readers.

Georgia - Combines legibility with charm and character. It has become trendy among digital content creators. It can help pull off a friendly, yet elevated appearance and can also be rendered on low-resolution screens.

Helvetica - Known for a very dull and natural look. It can sometimes be hard to read or comprehend if used in larger chunks. More often appropriate for titles and headers, rather than chunkier texts.

Arial - Originally created for Xerographic printers. Was also made the default text font for Windows. Like Helvetica, it is more often okay for use in titles and subheadings rather than paragraphs of text.

Courier - Occupies the same amount of space, both vertically and horizontally. Not always easy on the eyes, but it could be perfect for the right niche market.

Impact - Its purpose is in its name. It is meant to be impactful to the reader. More often used as a header or title text.


Now that you know which fonts work best for email marketing, here are some other tips to keep in mind when choosing a font for your marketing elements:

• Your choice of font, as well as font size and line spacing, can have a tremendous impact on your email’s readability.

• To help cut down on large blocks of text, insert paragraph breaks as you write out your emails.

• When choosing a font, always make sure to keep your target audience in mind.

• Don’t mix and match fonts. Stick to two different fonts in any given email.

Now that you’re more equipped to deal with there font nuances of crafting an email marketing campaign, I can’t wait to see how you choose to incorporate everything you’ve learned today into your future endeavors.

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