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How To Write a Strong Call-to-Action

As someone continually wanting to stay ahead of the game, I’m always striving to find new clients, add more subscribers to my weekly email blasts, and looking to grow my conversion rates.

The benefits that any of these goals can have on your travel business will help take you to new heights in your marketing campaigns and other future endeavors.

How To Write a Strong Call-to-Action

To achieve these goals, it’s pertinent that you have a strong and impactful call-to-action (CTA).

Your landing page isn’t complete without a call-to-action that can quickly turn your leads into full-on subscribers. And while your call-to-action doesn’t have to be perfect, some common elements can influence your CTA’s overall effectiveness, which we’ll cover in more detail below.

What is a call-to-action?

A call-to-action, in its purest form, is a command or phrase that is meant to entice visitors of a website or landing page to complete the desired action. Some might even see it as a landing page’s “put your money where your mouth is.” And that is to say that you’ve come to the landing page in an attempt to find some value in a product or business, and now you need to follow through with that intent. This is how casual visitors take the real steps into becoming a client and booking travel plans through you and your agency.

Without a proper call-to-action, your visitors may get lost and will have no idea what the next step is in the conversion process. Customers need to be guided to the decisions they make regarding your business, and a call-to-action is an impactful way of doing so. A proper call-to-action can directly turn visitors into subscribers, clients, and customers.

Call-to-action button color

In some instances, you may resort to incorporating a call-to-action button into the design of your landing page. With this landing page, there are elements such as the color and copy that can have an impact on the overall success of your call-to-action.

In terms of color, you may want to consider applying the principles of color theory into your final decision. The color theory relays that a particular color can help evoke a specific mood or feeling. For example, blue is considered to be a very calm and trustworthy color that is both consistent and may help put your audience’s mind at ease when they see your branding and content.

Make sure that when deciding on a color for your call-to-action button that you choose something that fits within your visual brand, while also standing out within the confines of your landing page. If your button blends in too well with your page design, it might not perform as well as it would if it was front and forward on your page.

Call-to-action button copy

With a color chosen, the next important step in creating a strong call-to-action is the copy. Words can have more of an impact than any of us realize, and thus why it becomes crucial to choose your text for your CTA button carefully. When drafting a call-to-action, always come up with a few variants. You can still use A/B testing later on if need be.

The phrasing of your copy should be firm and actionable without being too passive. An example of a weak CTA would be “Learn More About Our Travel Opportunities.” A much more actionable option for the same CTA could be “Start Browsing Travel Opportunities Today.”

Strong call-to-action words

As we just mentioned, the wording of a call-to-action can affect how impactful or passive it can be on landing page visitors. Below you can find a list of strong call-to-action words that you can incorporate into your copy:

Strong CTA Words: Access, Build, Discover, Ends, Grow, Free, Hurry, Closing, Confused, Exclusive, Featured, Immediately, Join, Need, New, Now, Only, Proven, Today, Try, Why, Special, Start, Stop, Save

Now that you have a better understanding of what it takes to create a strong call-to-action, the sky is the limit. With a bit of practice and testing, you’ll soon be boosting your conversion rates, and email subscribers like you’ve never seen before.

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