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Hi all! I'm wondering what everyone uses as a call to action. 🤔 I would like a variation on"DM me ....". I've used "Let's plan your...." and "Let's talk", but there has to be something a little more motivating to break up the repetition.

Wendy Tipton
Nona Mounir
Nona Mounir
Oct 13, 2022

I get it! You can only say the same thing so many ways, right? I try to mix it up with some of these: "Schedule your complimentary consultation . . ." "Lock in this year's prices for next year's vacation . . ." "It's never too early to start planning . . ." "The earlier you book, the more options you have . . ." Then I invite them to contact me on my website, DM, or use the FB message button. I hope these suggestions help.



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