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Leads & Sales: How to find and fix the holes in your marketing funnel to get more leads and close more sales

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"Leads & Sales: Finding and Fixing the Gaps" is a real eye-opener for travel advisors. It's all about figuring out why snagging leads or closing sales for river cruises might be tougher than you thought. This guide doesn’t just skim the surface; it dives deep into the 5 big reasons you might be hitting a wall with leads and sales. Think of it as a detective toolkit that helps you spot where the problems are hiding – whether it's in getting those leads or sealing the deal. It's super relevant for travel advisors who want to up their game in the competitive world of river cruise bookings. This isn’t just theory; it's packed with practical tips and tricks on how to turn things around. If you're puzzled about why leads aren't converting into sales, this is the go-to resource to sort it all out and get your bookings flowing smoothly.

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