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This app is for you if...

You feel burned out and overwhelmed. You are always busy but aren't reaching those BIG goals you want to set.

You don't have a strong mentor or coach with real-world travel industry experience. You desperately want to say "I'm working with my coach". 

You are tired of spending money on courses, events, memberships, and programs that haven't worked. We hear it all the time. Those travel advisors end up with us... and they stay here. Because here, everything works.

You sometimes feel alone in your entrepreneurial journey. You wake up, work, and go to bed. Repeat. You crave a community of focused and kind travel advisors to ride the train with.

You know it's what you need and it's FREE. It's a no-brainer.


These are just a few of our favorite features


To help you keep the momentum going, we add new content every week and pull out older content to refresh and update it.


Whether you're far out at sea or 30,000 feet in the air, you'll always have access to our app, no WiFi is needed.


We are proud to mix up the content delivery because we know that everyone learns differently. Watch the video, listen to audio, or read articles..



There is content for everyone starting out in the industry or two decades in.


Jump into the app when you have

5 minutes to learn with quick audio or an afternoon to take a free course.



Despite the incredible amount of content that this app will give you, we made everything very easy to find.



We promise to never teach you anything unless it has already been tested and proven to work by both our business and other travel advisors.



Whether you're at sea, 30000 feet in the air, or on safari in the middle of Africa, you will always have the business and marketing coaching and community you need in your pocket.

 You deserve to have a consistent stream of new clients 

Get started today

100% free. No credit card needed.


 You deserve to have a consistent stream of new clients 

Get started today

100% free. No credit card needed.

FREE Coaching and Mentorship

Through video, audio recordings, written content, and community chat, we'll meet you where you're at with a learning style to suit you. Most of the travel advisors in our community come to us through word of mouth after trying other coaches, courses, and membership that did not work.


They stay with us because over 30,000 travel advisors aren't wrong... we will guide you to hit your goals.


Scan the QR code to get an invite link.


Join us on mobile!

Download the “TMM” app to easily stay updated on the go.

Download app from the App Store
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Inside the Travel Advisor Hub App

Everything you need to grow your travel business now fits in your pocket.



Online, on-demand, take them at your own pace. Build your marketing skills and confidence, and implement new strategies straight from the course.


If you haven't yet been able to afford or have access to a business coach or mentor, those days are over. With this app, you can now say "I have a coach".


Every week two new episodes are dropped - a featured episode to help you grow your travel business, and a Q&A to answer your questions.



Life is easier with a map. Our library of swipe files and templates will save you time. Plug in your business branding and customize the information. You will have beautifully designed and well-written tools in no time.


If you learn by watching, these videos are for you. Sandra will show you step by step some creative and clever tricks that will save your time and sanity across a range of programs.

Opt-in (your choice) to receive event notifications and sign up right in our app. You'll never miss another training or event again. You'll also have an event schedule of all our upcoming events at your fingertips.

If you love to read and have materials to reference later on, the strategy library is for you. Our quick read tactic articles contain easy to implement ideas and instructions.

Jump into chat groups with other travel advisors by niche or topic. Imagine having a group of like-minded people discusses river cruising, family, marketing, or planning fees. Finally... chit-chat is kept on topic which means you can keep on track!







Everyone loves a great FAM trip. Everyone also hates finding out they missed out on an invite. Our FAM trips will be announced right here inside the app the moment they are confirmed. 



There are just some travel experiences that you may never have... private jets, submarines, 6 star cruising, penthouse suites, 1st class flights. Join us on our new series of VIRTUAL FAM TRIPS starting late 2024 where we live stream daily from behind the scenes of these experiences. On our return we'll load you up with marketing tools to start selling them yourself. It's the next best thing to going!



Sometimes we hear about amazing travel opportunities and we have nobody to tell! So we'll put them right here in the app. It might be huge % off a river cruise in Europe or a great resort rate in Mexico.

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Meet your new travel business coach & mentor

When you join the Travel Marketing app you become a free member of our community and receive full access to all of our free content. But more importantly, you also get yourself industry renown and award-winning travel marketing and business coach, Sandra McLemore. If you could choose just one person on this planet to guide you through marketing a business and attracting new clients - she's it! Plus she has over two decades of experience working in the travel industry with the world's biggest travel brands. Sandra is the founder and CEO of Travel Marketing & Media ®, the only marketing agency to be recommended and trusted for travel advisors by the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA). Travel industry suppliers, tourism boards, consortia, host agencies, and associations around the world hire Sandra to consult and train them in the art of travel marketing.  You're getting a little bit of Sandra in your pocket, 24/7, for free in this app.


 You deserve to have a consistent stream of new clients 

Get started today

100% free. No credit card needed.



  • Is it the right fit for my business? The answer is YES if...
    ✔️ You own a business in the travel industry or are about to start one selling outbound travel ✔️ You struggle to hit your goals no matter how hard you try ✔️ You’re always busy but need to be more productive ✔️ You want to find a faster way to do things without getting overwhelmed by tech ✔️ You want to be better with your business planning and financials ✔️ You want to have a real marketing plan that works ✔️ You love having positive people around you who want to get things done ✔️ You have big responsibilities and bigger goals for your business and your life
  • So how will it help me?
    We only give you tools and resources that we’ve tried ourselves and actually worked We only teach you tactics that we used and got results with ourselves We explain everything step by step in detail giving examples across all niches of travel We have over 2 decades of experience inside the travel industry so know how to apply the best marketing tools and strategies to this industry You’ll always have us in your pocket (or purse). You literally will never be alone in your business again.
  • Wait.. why is it FREE?!
    Honestly? We know that if you try our free level of membership you’ll love and value it so much that when the time is right, you’ll upgrade to our paid membership. We are so confident that we put our time, energy and expertise out there for you to try for free, until you’re ready. And when you are ready to upgrade, you’ll continue to receive everything in the app PLUS the incredible big deal upgrades like gift cards (like $70 worth every single month), amazing magazines full of scripts, tips and help, and coaching sessions with Sandra twice per month.
  • What are the LITE and PRO membership levels?
    You can check out the full details here.
  • When is the upgrade window LITE and PRO levels?
    It is currently schedule for the last week of May 2022 and the last week of October 2022. We will let you know right before the upgrade window opens. But for now we really don’t want you to worry about that. Please just enjoy our free level of membership and focus on implementing the new skills, tools, tactics and strategies that you learn here.
  • Who created this app and why?
    This app was created by the Travel Marketing and Media founder and president, Sandra McLemore. She has an incredible business background (with a strong marketing focus) but most importantly has worked, lived and breathed in the travel industry since starting out her career as a travel advisor back in the late 90s. She worked her way up to VP level of the world’s biggest travel brands while simultaneously building a successful on-air career as a travel TV host who is on speed dial for the big news networks and morning shows. Sandra has coached over 15, 000 travel advisors and the results have been breathtaking both before and during the pandemic. Award-winning and highly profitable agencies started and scaled under her mentorship. Through this app Sandra is excited to extend her coaching to expertise to more travel advisors, including you. You deserve to have her help. It starts right here, right now.
  • One last time... what do I get?
    ✔️ Self-paced mini travel marketing courses. Take them for free at your own pace and learn new skills and strategies that will make a difference in your travel business. ✔️ For those of you who are visual learners and love to read, there is an article library that holds tactics, strategies and tips to help you with your biggest challenges. ✔️ Video Q&A - Sandra answers your questions and then invites the travel advisor community to weigh in with their experiences and thoughts so that you gain different perspectives, ideas and support. ✔️ Video tutorials showing you fast and easy ways to do things in programs like Canva, Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive, Trello, Wix, Convertkit, Flodesk, Mailerlite, Trello and more (basically tools that make your life easier!) And way more! Scroll up to see.
  • How often is new content added?
    Every single week we will add new content. You can look forward to new articles, new Q&A videos, or new podcast episodes.
  • It feels too good to be true, what do you want from me?
    We’d be lying if we said we didn’t want something, we do. We want two things. We want you to share this with your travel advisor friends. Wherever you meet another travel advisor at a conference or event tell them about it. They can find us by searching for Travel Marketing in the app store on iTunes or Google Play. When the next enrollment window opens, try out LITE or PRO membership. Give it a go and see how much time and money it saves your business, how consistently it gives you quality content to share, and much joy it will bring to your marketing efforts. And if you don’t like it, you can go back to the free version at any time with the click of a few buttons. No hard feelings. You deserve to have a business that is wildly profitable and brings you joy. It starts here on this app.
  • Do I need to ever give my credit card info?
    No, as a free member we will never ask for any payment information unless you choose to make a purchase from our online shop or upgrade your membership to LITE or PRO.
  • If I upgrade during the window, can I switch back to the free level?
    Yes, you can flip back to the free level at any time but HEY! We know that if you upgrade to LITE or PRO later down the track you’ll love it so much you’ll never want to lose it.
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