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Culturally Immersive

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When you think of a culturally immersive activity that that had a huge impact on you, what comes to mind first?

For me it was in Mexico harvesting my own produce and then taking a cooking class at an outdoor kitchen to learn authentic dishes.

Sharon C
Kimberly Roberts
Kimberly Roberts
Kimberly Roberts
Jul 23, 2022

Love this! Beautiful pics too! When I came to Egypt first as a tourist, I had a dinner experience with a local family, making the meal with the ladies of the multi-generational family.

I sat on the floor with a mezzaluna knife cutting the jute Mallow leaves needed to make the molokhia sauce. This is a green spiced broth that is used with virtually all the food served. It is very traditional to Egyptian meals.

Later I was invited to join them at a family celebration for a new baby It was this time with them that I found a clearer understanding of the generous soul of the beautiful Egyptian people. It is part of their Bedouin influence to any who cross their path.

It is why I felt I had found my soul's home here. Forever changed my life



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