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We have a brand new self-paced program.

It's perfect for those who prefer at their own pace with guided videos, or who cannot attend the live experience dates for any reason.


If you opt for the self paced program, you will receive two 1:1 hour long sessions with our designer to support you in any way needed with your layout.

They are unable to add additional pages or change the layout but can help with image selection, alignment, mobile site configuration or any type of troubleshooting.

The 1:1 sessions must be used within 3 months.

You'll receive your layout, image gallery and videos on May 12.



Sign up closes April 25 but the early bird promo of $500 off closes April 20.

For full inclusions and details (and to view your layout) visit


100% of participants have been able to do this – so can you!

If you are not proud of your website and it’s not converting strangers into email subscribers and email subscribers into paying clients – it is failing you.


With this program, you will have…

  • A perfectly clear core message (elevator pitch) that you can confidently tell the world.

  • A stunning visual brand board that you can share with new team members as you onboard or outsource, ensuring that new content and assets are created with consistency.

  • An entire website of copy (content) written with our high-converting framework based on the Storybrand method and adjusted to travel consumers.


  • A beautifully laid-out website that is ready to connect as soon as you are. It will have images (provided by us, chosen by you) and copy that directly aligns with your sales goals.

  • Clarity on how to move forward with editing your site when you need to. You’ll know how to add new content such as blogs/articles, podcast episodes or videos, pages for group travel or make simple edits.

    Note: the Guidebook is geared to those attending the live experience however is provided to you even though you have chosen the self-paced option as it provides helpful guidance.

Website in a Weekend Live Experience - Self paced with 1:1 support

  • 1. You'll be sent a link to the "Website in a Weekend" welcome page, containing crucial details about the live experience.

    2. You'll gain instant access to download the event guidebook, designed to assist you in preparing for the event and accomplishing tasks outlined on the welcome page.

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