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2023 Planning

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Jo’El Lapp

Hello everyone, this is not the first time creating content, but this is the first time coming up with an actual strategy. I am using the methodology system and I have lots of great ideas, but I am having a hard time coming up with an actual schedule. For example, if I pick my suppliers. Say Ama, Riviera and scenic. I chose 3 destinations and 3 topics for each destination. How much content should I publish on those topics? I could easily have six weeks worth of Content. How much is too much? Are you mixing it all up? We are going on a seminar on the ship with Ama in October. I will obviously have Content while I am sailing. Would you pad a couple weeks before and a couple weeks after with river cruise and destination content.

I know I am probably overthinking, but I have done the mass creation before and looking back there was no strategy for selling.

Thoughts on how you are scheduling? 3 week blocks? 5? Mixing it up?



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