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6 tips to remember when you start using QR codes in your travel business

When you start a new tactic in your business it can be a combination of both exciting and overwhelming.

From researching and learning to getting your idea implemented, you’ll find that your task list starts to grow longer and longer. It’s important to keep your mind focused on why you are implementing QR codes into your business and what you want the outcome to be. To do that, we have put together six tips that we learned while adding QR codes to our marketing mix.


1. Remember you are creating content 100% for mobile viewing. Wherever you are driving traffic, needs to be optimized for mobile.

2. You can either create pages on your website, or landing pages in Canva if you do not have a great website.

3. Keep your branding consistent (colors, logos, fonts, images, core message).

4. Remind yourself that the goal is to grow your email list. Make sure your email marketing platform is set up well with an automated welcome reminder and email sequence.

5. Remember to keep your contact card and landing pages updated and accurate. When the content is no longer relevant, replace it with evergreen content such as a list of spotlighted podcast episodes or articles for them to enjoy (preferably ones about destinations and experiences that will inspire them).

6. Always assume that the person looking at your content has no idea what a travel advisor is and has never heard of you or anything you sell. Once you have your QR Code, the possibilities are endless. One amazing way to use your QR code is to put it on your pull-up banner or signs for events and link it directly to your lead magnet. This way you combine all the benefits of building your email list with the ease and convenience of a QR code– it’s called a Quick Response form for a reason!

Here are some benefits for having your QR code within the eye-sight of anyone who walks by:

● Almost everyone has their phone on them and within reach.

● Not many people want to stop and take the time to type in a website address so

they say they’ll “do it later”.

● A QR code takes less than a second to pull up your lead magnet form which is

much more enticing. Most people will then take the time to fill out the form right

in front of you as you engage them in conversation.

● You can now track how many people stopped by your booth and signed up for

your email campaign.

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