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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

If you have been following Sandra McLemore, Amy Porterfield, or any of the online marketing experts, you know that having a lead magnet (and then promoting it) is the #1 tactic for growing an email list.

And why do you want an email list? Because an email list full of exactly the type of clients that you want to sell travel to is far more valuable than any number of social media followers or possible referrals.

Most likely you have learned the following:

  • Create a lead magnet and promote it to wherever your ideal client will see it

  • Have them opt-in using a form that you create on your email marketing platform (ConvertKit, Flodesk, or similar)

  • Deliver that lead magnet to them (this might be an article that lives on a page on your website, a podcast episode, a video on FB or YouTube, or a PDF checklist or guide that lives on your website)

  • Send a welcome email to all new subscribers

  • Continue to send them an email weekly with a link to your latest content.

This is all excellent training and exactly where you should be focusing the marketing efforts in your travel business.

But what if you don't have a website yet? What if you have one (perhaps given to you by your host agency or consortia) that doesn't represent your brand well? What if you are in the process of having your website built or leaving/switching host agencies?

The last thing you want to do is stall the release of your lead magnet. Your email list won't grow and neither will your business.


Delivering your lead magnet by PDF is perfect for digital downloads. If you have a lead magnet that is a checklist, a guide, or an article, your subscribers will love being able to download the file directly onto their computer to read on the screen or print out. Don't forget to put all of your contact info on it including your website and phone number so that people know where to follow up with you.

Pro Tip put a button on your email that says DOWNLOAD NOW or GET IT NOW. 2. DELIVER YOUR LEAD MAGNET WITH A URL (LINK)

So what do you do if your lead magnet is a podcast or video?

Guide your subscriber to wherever the podcast or video lives on the internet. This saves having to embed or build out bulky pages on your website.

Guiding your subscribers to a podcast episode on iTunes or Google Play, perhaps a video that sits on Facebook, IGTV, Vimeo, or Tube, or even a file on Google Drive or Dropbox is a hassle-free task.

There are two excellent advantages to using a URL (other than not needing a website):

  • Your subscriber is only one click from your content. The easier you make it for them, the more inclined they are to follow your call to action.

  • Every time your video or podcast is visited, the algorithm for that platform counts it as a view/listen. You'll find that the more you work with the algorithm, the more your content is seen

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