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PLUS four colors to consider

If you’re about to choose colors for your brand there are two things you need to know before you make that decision:

1. NEVER choose colors based on what your favorites are, what you like to wear, what flatters your skin tone or what your walls are painted. It is completely irrelevant. It would be like opening a restaurant in the middle of Japan and only serving cheese dishes – to a nation that eat little to no dairy… just because you like cheese. Your brand colors are not what you like but what best serves your brand.

2. Take a look at the science behind colors – have you ever noticed that almost every fast food and grocery store chain in the world has the color RED in it? It’s not a coincidence. Among other things red means fast and it means hungry. So what color is the “travel” color?

Great question…read on.

The travel industry doesn’t have a particular color that it is synonymous with. Instead there are two approaches for choosing colors for a travel brand.

Using the science of colors and selecting a BLUE that inspires trust, safety and knowledge are how many airlines go about it.

Ensuring that you have at least one or more colors from the green and blue families allows the stunning imagery used in travel marketing to stand out. If you have a blue and/or green, it will pull those colors from the images and make everything on your screen come to life.

Check out,, and – all sites for which we selected the imagery. We found it easy to choose relevant and striking imagery for these clients because they had shades of blue, grey, or green in each palette.

NEED MORE HELP? Check out these free color palettes that are perfect for travel businesses, and feel free to use them!

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