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Being on more than 1 to 2 platforms is really pointless unless you have a social media team member who has full responsibility for posting, engaging, and creating content (or you outsource your content and someone does all the other things for you). If you don’t have a social media manager like most travel advisors, you, my friend are in the same boat as every other entrepreneur on the planet. You need to choose 1 to 2 platforms and stick with those ONLY. Here’s why: 1. Platform algorithms, rules, and layouts change way too often to keep up with them all if you use more than 1 or 2. Each platform requires its images and graphics to be different images and captions to have different character/word counts. That is a LOT of work.

2. Not all platforms can be scheduled from a scheduling program which means you’ll still be stuck with manual work leaving you open to errors and inconsistency. 3. Working between multiple platforms means you have move at a slower pace. Who has time to move slowly?

So how do you choose which platform is for you?

- If you are already crushing it on specific platforms, stay here. But if you’re still trying to decide, here are some things to consider: - Unless another platform is already showing you results, focus your efforts on Facebook & Instagram. - People go to Facebook to CONNECT - People go to Instagram to be INSPIRED - Both platforms are conducive to conversation, are shareable, and are incredibly visual. - Facebook (now Meta) owns both Facebook and Instagram so once you add a paid ad strategy to your marketing plan, it’s a one-stop-shop to set up ads for both platforms. It’s even one budget and one ad that spreads across one or both platforms. - With travel suppliers still using these two platforms more than any others, it pays to walk the path behind them. Let them do the heavy lifting to build travel hype and drop big ad spend and you can cruise in behind with your boutique agency services - Regardless of which platforms you choose to use, always secure your handles on every other platform just so others won’t. For example, we have travelmarketingmedia on all the platforms we do not use just so that someone else cannot.

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