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5 Clever hacks for LinkedIn

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

so smart…

Check out these clever tips from Digital Marketing Institute

Check your updates with ease

If you’re a hardcore LinkedIn user, then you might find it a bit laborious to keep logging in to the site to find your latest updates.

The Google Chrome LinkedIn toolbar does away with that and also has some nice extra features, such as the ability to share any article with your LinkedIn network right from within the toolbar.

You can also comment on other people’s updates. This could help with one of LinkedIn’s biggest problems – that it’s easy to forget about until you get an invitation from someone to connect.

This helps to make it a fluid experience across the web, easily integrating with content that you view to make the experience more social.

Build a beautiful resume

Often your latest work experience and history will be contained within your LinkedIn profile, but when it comes to applying for funding, setting up a Joint Venture, or perhaps applying for an industry program, you may need to have an updated resume.

If that's the case you have to go back to the dreaded word format, likely copying and pasting most of the information from your LinkedIn profile. This handy app takes the job away from you, by turning your LinkedIn profile into a beautiful-looking resume, instantly.

Free to use and a great product from LinkedIn Labs, this is a little-known tool that could save a lot of time for people.

Save your searches

A little-known trick within LinkedIn is the ability to save up to 3 searches. This might not sound like much use at the start, but this trick allows you to save searches for people and get email notifications every time the results change.

This is a great tool if you’re looking for your ideal client, industry connections, or potential joint venture clients. To save your search, simply run your search for people in the bar along the top, then click on ‘save search’ along the top right.

Think about the kind of searches you can run here that will return relevant and interesting results, to get practically instant industry updates from LinkedIn.

Export your 1st Connections

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

  2. Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.

  3. Click Data privacy on the left rail.

  4. Under the How LinkedIn uses your data section, click Change next to Get a copy of your data.

  5. Select Want something in particular? Select the data files you’re most interested in.

  6. Select Connections.

  7. Click Request Archive.

  8. Enter your password and click Done.

  9. You'll receive an email to your Primary Email address which will include a link where you can download your list of connections.

Add a video to your company page

LinkedIn introduced video for personal profiles a while ago but now you can add a video to your company profile as well.

This is really easy to do within the company page. To add a video, go to your company page then click on ‘services’ along the top.

Select ‘add a product or service’ then scroll down to the bottom of this page to step 10.

This is where you can add your video and add a title.

Make sure to fill out the required fields such as a category and description for the service or product you’re adding.

Remember to include a keyword related to your business here, to keep within the best practices for SEO.

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