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How to get your visual brand right

Your visual brand decision

  1. Colors – Choose 3 brand colors

  2. Logo – Decide if you will use your current logo or a watermark (you will create this on the weekend).

  3. Tagline – It’s possible that you don’t have a tagline for your business in place. If you do not, that’s OK. You’ll find that the copywriting work that we do over the weekend will give you the clarity that you need to come up with a great one!

  4. Copy & Images – You will add all of the copy on the weekend. We will provide all of the images with the exception of your headshot.

Your brand colors

Choosing your brand colors is like riding a roller-coaster. It’s scary/exciting. It’s a good idea to start and then within minutes, it’s not that fun anymore. But it’s so important!

To make this decision easier for you, I have created a video and provided you with some helpful tools from our friends at Canva. Helpful Links:

Font Pairings

It’s now time to select your font pairings for your travel business.

I’ve made it very easy for you by making you a quick video tutorial and then giving you a selection of 30 font pairings to choose from thanks to our friends at Canva.


  1. Keep your focus on readability

  2. Try not to be cute – be clear

  3. Don’t overthink it

  4. Remember that the stunning images of destinations and experiences will be the hero on your website, not the fonts.

  5. Keep it to three, you can also use one font twice if you like.

If for some reason you don’t like the fonts when your website is done, it’s actually very easy to do a universal change. It’s something you’ll be confident doing yourself in a matter of minutes.

Helpful Links:

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